Facebook Campaign

internet-1276265_1280Social Media is part of everyone's life and most buyers are doing some online research before committing themselves to any purchase. Facebook is the most popular social media platform with more than one billion active users around the world.

Creating a simple Facebook page for your business is easy but building up a community with potential customers requires some knowledge and experience. That's where we come into the picture and offer our expertise in the following areas:

Creating your Facebook page

Building up a community around your page including potential customers by posting interesting, knowledgeable articles and news about your business

Running carefully designed advertisements for your targeted customers (by defining age, gender, location, interest and all other parameters)

All the above steps will help to make more people aware of your products or services, direct more customers to your website or physical shop and generate more revenue for your business.

For more information or a free consultation please contact us.

For references please check out Crystal Nails Ireland's Facebook page where we have successfully built 6,000 fans and significantly increased the sales of the company.