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Why your website needs to be optimised for smartphones

We already know from previous researches that more than 50% of the internet time is devoted to mobile apps but what’s the story with the mobile web? We have recently had the opportunity to analyse a popular website’s traffic with Google Analytics. We wanted to find out how important it is to have your website optimised for all devices and how (quickly) the trends change.

We found in the first quarter of 2016 that 78% of the visitors used a desktop device and only 18% visited the site from smartphones. The tablet users accounted for the remaining 4%. 6 months later in the third quarter of this year the percentage of the tablet users didn’t change and remained at 4% however (as expected) there was a significant change in the desktop and smartphone users. Guess what? The number of desktop users decreased by 6% to 72%, while the number of visitors from smartphones increased with the same amount to 24%. This means every 4th visitor now uses smartphones and only 7 out of 10 people browse the internet from their computers.

In order to provide a good user experience for your visitors and keep them on your page it is important to have a responsive website that looks stunning on all devices. Based on the above research we expect the number of smartphone users browsing the world web to increase even faster in the coming months and these users can leave unresponsive or slow websites in a couple of seconds. For the above reason more and more business owners need to revisit their own websites and test them on different devices to make sure that they satisfy their customers.

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